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Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors

Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors

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About Us

Miracle Farms is a multi-generation family owned landscape design, construction, maintenance and complete property management company serving the Lakes Region of NH for over 26 years. With over 39 years of landscape experience we are an industry leader in our area and beyond. We have a dedicated team of over 120 skilled industry professionals working to build and maintain some of the most beautiful properties in the area. A well thought out landscape or hardscape design is the cornerstone of every project. We take time to understand the unique set of circumstances on each property, taking in to account the soil, wind, drainage, sun and shade conditions, and surrounding land use along with the individual needs and desires of the client before we ever put a shovel in the ground. Miracle Farms partners with our clients to develop a beautiful and functional outdoor space to be enjoyed for years to come. Miracle Farms Property Management’s personalized home services makes sure your home is meticulously cared for and maintained, whether you are here for the weekend, the season or full time. Partner with Miracle Farms for all of your home and property needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Shoreland Overlook - naturalistic landscape plan
Shoreland Overlook - naturalistic landscape plan
Hillside Perennial Garden #1
Hillside Border Garden
Hillside Perennial Garden #2
Hillside Perennial Garden  #3
Arch #2
Arch #3
Arch #5
Hillside Overlook #2
Hillside Overlook #3
Fernscape Modern #1
Fernscape Modern #2
Fernscape Modern #4
New Woodshed #1
New Woodshed #2

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